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Im currently living in Baltimore with my husband djwarchild. Diamond. Im currently attending classes at CCBC for Interpreter Preparation. I enjoy gardening and knitting. Mother of two. I love my natural hair.

acoustic guitar, american idol, art, asl, attachment parenting, austin scarlett, autumn, babies, badtz maru, barnes and noble, bbc, beaches, being madly in love, black and white photography, board games, body acceptance, bookstores, bracelets, breastfeeding, brownies, calla lilies, cameos, canadian tv, canna lilies, catonsville, children, chocolate, circus peanuts, classical guitar, co-sleeping, conan o'brian, cooking, court shows, crafts, creating, creativity, daft punk, deaf, deaf culture, deaf studies, degrassi, desperate housewives, donny hathaway, eating healthy, ebay, equality, exercising, fall, fall out boy, family, family guy, fedoras, florida, french fries, friends, fun, gardening, gavin degraw, good charlotte, guitars, handmade goods, hats, hebrew, hello kitty, hello kitty stuff, hot topic, hummus, humor, italian charm bracelets, jason mraz, jewish, john mayer, judaism, karaoke, knitting, l word, laughing, league of gentleman, lip gloss, little britain, love, magazines, mangos, maroon 5, married life, marvin gaye, miami, movies, mtv, music, musicals, natural hair, nelly mckay, oatmeal, oragami, pcos, peace, peanut butter, people watching, period dramas, pleasantville, rascal flatts, reading, reality tv, rooney, sailor moon, salsa fries, sanrio, self-confidence, sex and the city, sign language, simple plan, singing, sitcoms, six feet under, soy, spring, stevie wonder, stickers, superchick, sweets, taco bell, talk shows, tea, tegan and sara, the white stripes, tofu, tostadas, tru calling, vegetables, vegetarian, vegetarianism, veggie burgers, veggies, warchild-el, web stores, weeds, yarn, zoomba